Monday, May 25, 2015

Preston STEM Staff

Amy Schmer

Amy has taught 5th and 6th grades in Poudre School District for 14 years. She continues to teach EDU 340, Literacy and The Learner, at Colorado State University. She also organizes and teaches an Eco-Experience class to her peers at Pingree Park in the summer. Amy was Eyestone Elementary 2008 Teacher of the Year and Preston Middle Schools Teacher of the Year for 2010-2011 school year. Amy comes highly qualified in Science and has a Masters degree in Technology. Amy is married and has two children, ages 10 and 6. They love the outdoors and boating in the summer is a weekly activity. “I am thrilled that I’ll be bringing my passion, energy and fun spirit to the STEM program again this summer! Last summer was a blast and I learned right along with the kids. I plan to do the same this summer!”

Dawn Dupriest

Dawn teaches seventh-grade math at Preston Middle School. Before finding her way to teaching, she was a software engineer at Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies for nine years, writing programs to test cell phones and fiber-optic devices. As a college student, she taught computer programming courses and really enjoyed the logic, problem-solving, and mathematics involved. She looks forward to the STEM institute each year and loves to see the creative ideas that students put into their programs.

Martha Cranor

Martha graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Mathematics. She earned a Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington. After completing the coursework towards a PhD in Statistics at CSU, she stayed home to work on her “mother degree” instead of finishing the PhD degree. While earning her degrees, Martha taught Finite Mathematics, Calculus I, Calculus II, and Statistics at the universities where she studied. During her public school teaching years, her expertise has always focused on gifted math education. She currently teaches Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 at Preston Junior High, and AP Statistics and Algebra 2 at Fossil Ridge High School. She has been the coach for Preston’s highly successful MathCounts teams since 2002. In 2006, The Colorado Council of Teachers of Math named Martha as the Outstanding Math Teacher for Region IV. She also has been named to Who’s Who Among American Teachers, but one of her proudest moments was being nationally recognized in 2007 as a Math Hero by the Raytheon Corporation!

Kevin Murray

Mr. Murray has been teaching science for seven years. He has taught Earth, Life and Physical Science at a variety of different schools (6 to be exact). Currently, Mr. Murray is a Biology and Earth Systems Science teacher at Fossil Ridge High School. Mr. Murray has a two-year old daughter and his wife is expecting another child (a boy) in late April. Mr. Murray has recently moved back to Colorado after living in New Hampshire for a few years, previously he lived in Fort Collins and Steamboat Springs. Mr. Murray enjoys anything in the outdoors including hiking, rock climbing, skiing and mountain biking.

Ryan Martine

Math is a part of so many things in our daily life and Ryan is dedicated to show his students how math applies to their everyday lives. He uses technology on a daily basis in his classroom and is an example to other teachers on how to use the advances in technology in all subjects. His dedications to his students help them strive to look deeper into math concepts. He is not only a math teacher at Preston; he is also the department chair.

Tracey Winey

As the Media Specialist at Preston, Tracy has been instrumental in making sure the school and the staff has all the tools needed to teach in this technological age. She has a love of books as well as technological and brings the world to the school through video conferencing. Her passion for teaching is evident in all her contacts with the students.

Alisa Hicks

While avoiding all the natural disasters that occur here on planet Earth (although the flood of 1997 was a close one!), Alisa Hicks has worked extensively with middle school students teaching about disasters in both Poudre School District and in Vermont. She is passionate about working with middle schoolers to explore all the wonders science has to offer and loves to encourage those individuals that already love science in addition to encouraging those that shy away from science. She earned her Master’s Degree in Biological Anthropology at CSU, studying ancient human remains, and received her teaching certification at Denver University. Alisa is very excited that this is the year she will have the opportunity to work with STEM students to investigate many of the catastrophes that affect the lives of beings on our planet.

Michael Aragon

Michael Graduated from Colorado State University with a Masters Degree in Education, a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, a minor in Chemistry, and an interdisciplinary certificate in Molecular Genetics. Michael worked in a chemistry lab for 6 years studying Turing Figures and creating innovative science curriculum for K-12 education. Michael has taught different chemistry course at Colorado State University and is currently a high school chemistry teacher at Fort Morgan High School and an instructor at Morgan Community College in Fort Morgan, Colorado. This is his second year teaching at the STEM institute at Preston Middle School.

Scott Sandell

Scott is the Technology and Engineering Teacher at Boltz Junior High School. In his 15 years of teaching, he has taught all the Science and Technology classes offered at Boltz. Before teaching, Scott was an Electrical Engineer at Woodward Governor Company. As an Engineer, he spent 10 years designing, testing, selling, and installing jet engine controls in power plants. His goal is to bring this real world experience to the STEM institute so the students will get a taste of Engineering as a career while having fun designing unique vehicles.

Murielle Watzky

Murielle holds a PhD in chemistry and has over 10 years of scientific research experience, both in academic and industrial laboratories. She also teaches undergraduate chemistry, and is always excited for the opportunity to work with younger minds.

Brian Riedel

Brian was an engineer for 15 years before he started teaching. He currently teaches science at Preston Middle School. Teaching philosophy – Science can be as fun and interesting as you can imagine. The bounds of knowledge are infinaite and should be explored with passion and excitement! Astonomy related fields are changing daily – don’t be left behind.

John Howe

John graduated from the University of South Dakota and received his masters in administration from the University of Wyoming. He was awarded the Secondary School Assistant Principal of the year award in Wyoming. As the assistant principal at Preston Middle High he inspires student on a daily basis to achieve more than they think possible. One of his great loves is flying. He is a pilot and an officer in the Civil Air Patrol. He has taught Flight Simulator for over 20 years and has motivated countless students to continue on with aviation in their adult lives.