Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Congratulations! Preston Science Olympiad Goes to Nationals

Science Olympiad NationalsThe Preston Science Olympiad team had a great time in Orlando and the kids were great representatives for Preston and the state of Colorado. We placed 26th out of the 60 top teams in the nation.  Medalists were Gracie Finnegan and Catherine Zhang with fifth place in Rocks and Minerals; and Trevor Long and Aidan Brady with sixth place in Boomilever.  Other finishers in the top twenty:  11th place simple Machines–Tyler Crop and Arnold Pfahnl; 12th place Heredity–Dylan Ellis and Kylee Rinker; 15th place in Metric Mastery–Kyle Schmer and Arnold Pfahnl;  18th place in Write It Do It–Gracie Finnegan and Kylee Rinker


Team Members:  Aidan Brady, Ryan Castell, Tyler Crop, Dylan Ellis,Gracie Finnegan, Ketaki Joshi, Trevor Long, Bobby MacFarland, Alyse Ostojic, Arnold Pfahnl, Betsy Pruznick, Kylee Rinker, Kyle Schmer, Everett Shryrock, Chelsea Wang, Catherine Zhang



  1. Aaron Swets says:

    Nice job that you guys got so far and that you guys went to Florida. Awesome.

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